API reference


RxAPI is able to serve update and funding information about any tool you’re developing/maintaining/releasing. When a script or application checks if an update is available, RxAPI stores some anonymous information and is able to serve some usage statistics. This data can not be used to identify or track individual users in any way; there’s no fingerprinting possible.

Update info

The update information is pulled from github repositories, using the release features. We may add support for Gitlab later.

Funding info

RxAPI also collects funding information from various sources, to summarize all the funds and supporters got by the organization. These are the current sources (we may add more later):


For each request from a script or application, RxAPI stores the following information, if it is provided by the script or application:

We may add geographical data later (such as the country).

This data can be retrieved by a request to the API.

Script and application should check for update once a day and not more: that’s a reliable way to estimate the number of daily users.


RxAPI provides a specific endpoint to be used with Read more details here.


RxAPI provides a special endpoint to get random quotes. Read more details here.


For the following documentation, we’re using our official RxLab server instance as an example. It is located at

Update and funding information





RxAPI replies with a JSON object.

    "message":"Successful request.",
    "newName":"Duik Bassel.2 Update 30",
    "description":"The thirtieth update of Duik Bassel.2 fixes some auto-rig issues due to changes in the scripting API in After Effects 2021.\r\n\r\nAs always, it is strongly advised to update Duik as soon as you can.\r\n\r\nThe detailed list of what\u2019s new is available in the changelog [here](https:\/\/\/duik-16-changelog.html).\r\n\r\nHere is the [comprehensive documentation for Duik](https:\/\/, and here is the [reference for the Duik API](https:\/\/\/).",

If update is true, that means the script/application has a new update available.






RxAPI replies with a JSON object, including an array of objects representing the scripts/applications for which it has some statistics.

    "languages": [